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Do You Have The 3 Things Employees Look 4 From Small Business Leaders?


Patrick Lencioni is a business specialist who concentrates on how to get the most out of your team. He has written many books about the subject and one of his observations I like is about the three things an employee will both look for and have when working for their leader. As a small business accountant I often see clients who have very successful workers and with each of them, the following traits ring true with each and every one of them.

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Figure 1: Do you acknowledge your team  regularly or take all the glory yourself?

1. Are You Humble?

The best team players are humble and acknowledge success of others before themselves. They are very quick to point out the success and contributions of others and very tardy in letting everybody else know what they themselves have achieved.

Richard Branson might not be everybody's cup of tea but one thing he does very well is acknowledge the efforts that his team has put into the company. If you want to keep those around you who matter most, recognise their efforts and contributions regularly. This tends to work well with business and personal relationships (thank you again Lara)!

They also always define success collectively rather than individually.

2. Are You Hungry?

Leaders with drive are the ones that most great employees want to work for. It makes a lot of sense as generally those that have such drive are always trying tor reinvent themselves and the business. This means they:

  • invest back into the business;
  • train their team to learn new things;
  • have very clear goals and communicate them well with others;
  • lead by example to achieve the main game objective.

Having an inspirational leader is the preference for most. Creating an atmosphere of 'can do' is a positive influence and healthy to be around.

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Figure 2: Being hungry to learn and improve is very healthy!

3. Do You Work Smart?

There is no doubt that as a team player and a leader you need to work smartly. By this I mean you:


Leaders act! Chances are that if you have the above traits your team will also. If you don't have these yet, consider working on them and build them into your plan for success.

Let's face it - would you like to do business with somebody who is strong in these areas or would you prefer to work with those who aren't?

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