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Don't You Want Me Baby? When Small Business Misses Out On Sales


As a small business accountant it can be frustrating to see businesses that don't have the business growth they should. Each year with a bit of planning, it is very possible to improve both revenue and the bottom line. Clearly this involves changing direction where it is required. Sitting still and waiting for things to change is a high risk strategy and rarely works.

You see, quite often customers do want to spend more with you but you have got to go out and get it.

What then should you consider?

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Figure 1: The Human League's song "Don't You Want Me Baby?" can often be applied to many businesses sales strategy.


1. Keep customers Informed

You need to have a good database that will allow you to stay in contact with your customers. If you have a new product or service, let them know about it. If some of your products they buy are about to go up in price, write to them and let them know. They will appreciate that you did and may give you a bulk order prior to the increase.

Ring them up and ask how things are going. You would be amazed how often this can lead to more sales. Professional firms such as small business advisors or small business accountants Sydney and Dubbo often adopt this approach.

2. Be Accessible

Is your business easily accessible or is it difficult for people to contact you? Does your website allow for orders? Are your salespeople willing to go the extra mile and be available outside normal hours?

I have seen evidence in my time where a fish and chips shop was closed on Good Friday. Strange but true. You have to make hay while the sun shines. Going on holidays in peak season is not always the best idea.

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Figure 2: If you don't improve communication with your customers, the sun will set on your business.

3. Hold Events & Invite

When was the last time you held a breakfast or seminar and invited your customers? Maybe you are launching a new product or maybe you have invited a prominent expert in your business's industry who will provide some insights to your customers who will find this information useful.

Keeping communication channels open builds trust and also increases the chance they will buy from you.


Go through your customer list and write down how often you contact them. Do you only speak to them when they contact you or do you have a solid communication plan with them for the whole of the year?

You would be most surprised how you can increase sales dramatically with a plan particularly if you stick to it and follow through.

Your customers do want to spend money with you but you have to go out and get it.

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